The goal of the new Minnelea farm is to return ancient varieties of fruit and vegetables to the land. Located in Cilento, home of the Mediterranean Diet, we aim to regenerate these crops to improve the environment and create sustainable food systems.

We have chosen from the beginning to be the best. This commitment drives us to research the best methods and machinery, to respect tradition by experimenting with new procedures and to seek out ancient varieties to preserve the biodiversity of Cilento. We are proud of our work and continue to be committed to sustainable agriculture.


We have been producing olive oil for generations and today we continue the tradition with pride. We only use sustainable methods, our family's land has never undergone chemical treatments or fertilizers. For our artisanal preserves, we only use ingredients from our land and from Cilento farms that are part of the Biodistrict. These companies follow a philosophy in harmony with ours: they want to support and enhance production while respecting biodiversity.