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The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Carmine Rizzo 27 Oct 2022
Just be sure to drink real extra virgin olive oil,not the over-processed stuff you can buy on supermarket shelves.

Real extra virgin olive oil has a number of health benefits that are great against diseases, including heart disease, cancer, atherosclerosis and even aging problems associated with loss of elasticity. Although some studies have shown mixed results about its effects on blood cholesterol levels, it is generally considered beneficial for cardiovascular health due to its antioxidant properties.

The high concentration of antioxidants in olive oil means it helps not only your body but also your skin-ensuring you look younger for longer! Thanks to oleic acid, vitamins A and E help protect skin cells from damage, while squalene works by stimulating moisturizing elements within the skin itself. If you can't find a good extra virgin olive oil (especially organic), the best alternative is to make your own.

That way you know it's all natural and will help you stay healthy longer! And remember, if you're not already drinking at least a glass of olive oil every day, start by trying a tablespoon and see how it helps you stay healthy.


Extra virgin olive oil is a food that very rarely causes allergic reactions, as it has low levels of gluten and lactose. Therefore, extra virgin can be consumed without concern for celiac disease or intolerance; however, there are cases when one may suffer from an olive oil intolerance (OOI). In these situations, unlike classic allergies to certain foods, OOI does not go away unless properly managed with treatment methods such as eliminating all forms/products containing olives but allowing those derived directly from refining such as "concentrated pure" oils that contain no added flavors-although on some rarer occasions people still need medical treatment despite having followed safe practices.

In some cases, hypersensitivity to olive oil may also be associated with an allergy to tree pollen. In this case there will likely be a reaction toward any product that contains olives or foods that contain them (such as pates). It is important not only to avoid consuming extra virgin olive oils themselves but also all other types of foods that contain these ingredients.

Drinking Extra Virgin Olive Oil On Fasting.

Olive oil is an excellent natural remedy and can be a great way to start the morning with the benefits of both. Drinking a teaspoon before breakfast could help you digest food better, reduce joint inflammation.

How extra virgin olive oil works against diabetes

A study published recently in BMC Public Health found that there is an inverse relationship between diabetes risk and the frequency of extra virgin olive oil consumption. The researchers found that when participants increased their intake of extra virgin olive oil, their risk of diabetes decreased; conversely, when their intake of extra virgin olive oil decreased, their risk of diabetes increased. These results indicate that adults who consume more than four tablespoons (50 ml) per day can reduce their risk of diabetes by about 35 percent.

To enjoy the full benefits you need about 40 grams per day, which is 3 to 4 tablespoons. EVO oil contains 9 kcal per gram and can help in weight loss because its caloric levels are low enough for anyone who wants a boost when trying not only to gain but also to lose fat easily while continuing to enjoy your favorite foods!

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