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Good and Healthy Chestnuts Allied to Health

by Carmine Rizzo 27 Oct 2022
Chestnuts are fruits of the brown Castanea sativa plant. They are inside a shell and their shape depends on where they grow - outside or in the middle.There are about 300 types in Italy.

Autumn has arrived and brings cold weather. But there are many things to enjoy in autumn. Fruit chestnuts come from the Apennine areas. . People think that chestnuts have a lot of calories, but that is not the case. They do not have many calories and are not fattening even if you eat them all day long!

They are good to eat in autumn. These little brown fruits are not only good and tasty, they also help you feel better if you are stressed or tired.

A special name is given to chestnuts that come from the wild plant. They are also called 'bread trees' These plants grow in the mountains and hills, where they were once the food of the poor because they could not afford bread. They boiled or roasted them or made flour from them. Chestnuts are very similar and can be mistaken for one another.

Chestnuts have many similarities with chestnuts. The number of fruits in a chestnut is usually seven, but the number inside the fruit of the tree can be up to three times as many! Another difference between them is how easy it is to remove their brownish coating before eating them. When cooking or roasting chestnuts it is easier than when peeling them because their skin does not stick as easily and has more space so the film around it comes off easily unlike unpeeled ones where each cavity contains a few crumbs of this protective layer of material!

Horse chestnuts are the seeds of a different tree and taste bad. Chestnuts have no cholesterol, are rich in complex carbohydrates, fibre and protein. They also contain many vitamins such as B vitamins.

Nutritive values of 100 g

193/821 kcal/kj;
water 42.4 g
carbohydrates 41.8 g;
sugars 10.7 g;
protein 3.7 g;
fat 2.4 g;
saturated fat 0.4 g;
total fibre 8.3 g.
The fibre content is very high and also rich in starch.

A good thing for pregnant women to do is to eat chestnuts. Pregnant women need folic acid and vitamin B9. Chestnuts have these things, so it is a good choice for pregnant women. They also help to avoid some serious diseases that affect the baby in the belly. The mix of nutrients in chestnuts is good for the muscles and bones.

Chestnuts are safe to eat if you eat them in the right quantities. You should not eat chestnuts if you have irritable bowel syndrome or a stomach problem. You should also ask a doctor before eating chestnuts if you are allergic to them.

Chestnut Flour
Flour is made by drying and then grinding dried chestnuts. It takes 30-40 days for the water to completely disappear. Chestnut flour has a different colour - light hazelnut or ivory - and has a stronger flavour, which is usually sweetish.

In mountain areas, the flour is produced using artisanal techniques. Their flour has a slight smoky smell because they roast the chestnuts before grinding them in stone. This ingredient gives the dough a dry consistency and it is necessary to add warm water to the dough before cooking it.

Chestnuts are good for beauty. If they have antioxidant and regenerating properties, they can be an important ally. Spas and spas are learning to use chestnuts to help improve people's skin.


Chestnuts have no significant negative effects on people who are in good health. However, it is sometimes recommended that people suffering from diabetes, colitis, aerophagia and liver-related diseases avoid these fruits. If you have any of these ailments, consult your doctor before consuming them so that he or she can advise you on whether occasional consumption may cause side effects or not.

It should be noted that this fruit often contains a high amount of calories, which makes it unsuitable even for overweight individuals.

Uses in cooking

First of all, we must mention roasted chestnuts, which are traditionally prepared over a wood fire or embers. Dried chestnuts are then used to make chestnut flour, which is used to prepare the excellent 'castagnaccio' to be enriched with sultanas and pine nuts. You can also prepare risotto or very soft gnocchi!
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